Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest

Known as the lungs of the world, the Amazon Rainforest takes up huge swathes of Brazil and neighbouring South American countries. Despite extreme deforestation, it still covers an area thats so vast, there are believed to be species of flora and fauna here, that are yet to be discovered. One of the worlds longest rivers, the Amazon cuts through the dense jungle foliage of the rainforests and a river cruise along it is a luxurious way to catch a glimpse of all sorts of exciting wildlife

Expect to see macaws, monkeys and reptiles, not to mention swimming river creatures, when you look over the side of your boat. You can enjoy a week-long cruise of the Amazon, or simply pick a South American tour that includes a trip into the rainforest in order to experience it for yourself. Your all-inclusive package will include your flights, transfers, accommodation and food.

Exploring South America as part of your Amazon Rainforest tour

A memorable Amazon Rainforest tour doesnt have to be central to your holiday if youd like to widen your itinerary. When in Brazil, youll probably also want to visit Manaus, one of the closest cities to the rainforest with its huge musical influences on this part of the world, as well as Rio de Janeiro, with its famous carnival and iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Another really popular destination in this part of the world and a bucket list favourite is the Incan Citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru. Having climbed to a high altitude to find it, youll be rewarded with the incredible sight of this world wonder.

Touring the Amazon rainforest with the experts

If youre going to venture into the beautiful, but potentially hostile environment of the rainforest, youll want a great tour guide to accompany you, help you navigate your path and take you to some of the major attractions nearby. The tour operators we are associated with are all very well respected. Saga, Colette Worldwide, Kuoni, Wendy Wu, Intrepid, Exodus and Hurtigruten all offer exceptional escorted tours here.

To stay at a resort here, with a huge menu of activities on site, you might want to consider a Club Med resort. Whatever your preferences, please give the Aspen Travel team a call to discuss your dream Amazon rainforest holiday. Well be able to give you a few travel options that suit your needs and budget.

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