Explore the waterways on an opulent Scenic river cruise

Scenic take our expectations of luxury to a new, higher level. Their river cruise boats include amenities and a customer service that is simply unparalleled in the industry. Would you like to watch iconic landmarks drift past you as relax on your way to your next carefully chosen destination? Would you like to sleep easily in extreme comfort, knowing that your very own private butler will take care of your every need for as long as youre travelling with Scenic? These perks are all included in the price.

The itineraries are flexible to give you more choice in where youd like to visit. Youll enjoy cultural experiences such as a night at the opera in Vienna, or a medieval banquet in an ancient fairytale castle. Choose from such exciting routes as the Black Sea explorer, Iconic Danube and the Majestic East. From your impressive sailing vessel, you could visit central Europe, Portugal, Russia, Croatia and Serbia, as well as discover the cities of Indochina by sailing along the Mekong and the Irrawaddy in South East Asia.




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Scenic escorted tours and ocean cruises


This respected tour operator also offers escorted tours of a similar quality, created with the same approach, should river cruises not be to your tastes. Scenic will give you the opportunity to explore Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, with overnight stays in luxurious hotels and excursions to fascinating cultural attractions.


The Scenic Eclipse is their impressive yacht. Forget 5* luxury, this is 6*! This discovery yacht will take you on an ocean cruise with a difference, to otherwise inaccessible areas of the Americas, Europe, the Arctic and the Antarctic. The onboard 7 seater helicopter and submarine will take you on excursions that youll remember forever!


To find out more about what ultra-luxury means and the sort of experience you could have, please get in touch with the Aspen Travel team. We are a trusted booking partner of Scenic cruises and tours and will be able to advise on all matters, as well as complete the booking process for you.


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