Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking have long been known for their river cruises, but their ocean cruise boats; the Viking Star and Viking Sea are now setting a new precedent in ocean cruising. With their focus firmly on allowing passengers to spend more time exploring ports than other cruise ships can currently allow, with Viking, youll get the chance to experience the nightlife of a place, or travel further to see attractions, simply because your time is less limited. These boats will be joined by new launches.

In some ports, youll even have the opportunity to spend the night in a luxury hotel. The result of this is a holiday that is naturally less hurried, more relaxing and gives you more time on the land to spend at your leisure, or on an organised excursion. As for the entertainment value Viking Cruises provides, this respected holiday innovator is very proud of their cultural agenda. They plan lectures and discovery visits that are unique and designed to inspire, capture the imagination and add an extra fascinating dimension to your holiday.[/vc_column_text]

Which countries can be explored on a Viking ocean cruise?

Viking ocean cruises will take you on a tour of Northern Europe and the Baltics, around the islands of the Caribbean and in and around the Americas. Discover small remote villages and have local experiences in places far from the beaten track. Youll be seeing sights relatively few have seen before you. Also youll gain a unique insight into the coastlines of these countries as you approach from the sea.

Are you ready to take to the waves in a luxury yacht to explore far off lands filled with natural wonder and a unique way of life? Then, please contact the Aspen Travel team. We are associated booking partners of Viking ocean cruises and can provide you with an incredible, unforgettable holiday. Please get in touch.



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