United States of America

In terms of holidays, America has it all. The bright lights and big cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas and a whole host of others are the perfect foil for the great wildernesses of the United States. The Nevada Desert (the Great Basin), the Rocky mountain range and the untamed beauty found in states, north, south, west and east. There are also theme parks galore and attractions to satisfy groups of all ages.

If miles and miles of sandy beach is your thing, then America has plenty to offer in this department too. Take your pick between numerous coastlines including the many highlights of Florida (including Miami’s beaches and Daytona Beach) in the east and the delights of the Pacific west such as the California Gold Coast and San Francisco.

There are many, many package holidays available all across the United States but America escorted tours are also a popular way of seeing large areas of the country during the same trip.

There are many different ways to sample America, from family orientated holidays that incorporate theme parks such as Disneyland to luxurious hotel breaks by one of the many superb beaches and there are also escorted tours to America that let you dictate what you want to see (to some extent at least).

You might decide to concentrate on one coast or one area of the States or you may have long dreamed of travelling coast to coast across America, zigzagging your way through the many sights and landmarks as possible! Much will depend on how much time you can spare in the Land of the Free.

Cities – One of the many things America does well is big cities! In the east you will encounter, Boston, Washington DC, (home of American politics and Presidents) Philadelphia and of course New York City, the city that never sleeps. Many visitors will spend at least a few days exploring this iconic city alone and even that might not be long enough to see everything! Over on the west coast, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland and Seattle are all major cities worth visiting. Elsewhere, Dallas, Denver, Miami, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans and many others are waiting to be explored. It’s safe to say you will never be short of entertainment (music, nightlife, cultural highlights) or great food during your trip to the States.

Natural Wonders – Waterfalls, Great Lakes, sandy beaches, impressive rivers, forests, mountain ranges and a whole host of amazing wildlife all have their homes within this beautiful country and can be seen on one of the many American escorted tours.

There are great opportunities to see America by rail, where you can sit back and watch the amazing scenery pass you by or to take a cruise on one of the rivers or Great Lakes, where you will simply have to marvel at the sheer expanse of it all.

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