Canada is a vast and beautiful country that has so much to offer visitors who are looking for various kinds of holidays to Canada. In terms of area, the country is the 3rd largest on the globe, with only Russia and Antarctica that are bigger. From the Atlantic east coast all the way across to the Pacific coast in the west and stretching up to the North Pole, it’s a country full of contrast and natural beauty. Canada is a place that is easy to fall in love with and after one visit; it’s likely to be followed by many more.

There are lots of ways to see Canada, from city breaks, train journeys that take you from coast to coast, skiing holidays during winter months and perhaps the best way of seeing a little bit of everything is to look at the options for escorted tours to Canada.

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Although not the capital of the country, Toronto is the biggest of the Canadian cities. With an impressive cityscape dominated in the sky by the CN Tower (which was once the highest tower in the world) and perched aside Lake Ontario (one of the Great Lakes) this can be a great place to start getting acquainted with the country. Situated a little further north is Ottawa, the capital of Canada and further north still are the cities of Montreal and Quebec which boasts French as the official language.

Travelling east you will encounter the cities of Winnipeg and Calgary before finally landing at Vancouver on the Pacific coast. Vancouver is a picturesque city with lots to see and do and is often used as a base for Canada tours that explore some of the wilder areas of the country.

Four of the five Great lakes (Huron, Eerie, Ontario and Superior) all border both Canada and the United States. These bodies of water are massive and are a sight to behold, with many great cities and towns nestled around them.

There are plenty of mountains to explore right across Canada from east to west, with perhaps the most famous range of all being the Canadian Rockies. Many escorted tours to Canada are likely to feature these breath-taking mountain peaks, beautiful valleys, lakes and rivers. Very often you can arrange a train journey that will take you from coast to coast and carry you through the best of the mountainous scenery.

As well as being famous for its sweeping landscapes, Canada is also well known for its huge range of wildlife, from grizzly bears and mountain lions to moose, polar bears and the famous Canada goose. These are just a few of the species you might encounter during an organised Canadian tour.

Whatever time of year you make your trip, there is always something to enjoy in this wonderful country, although you really must remember to wrap up warm during the winter months! With so much to see and so much to do, you will never get bored during yourholidays to Canada.

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