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With 1000 staff delivering 800 different journey itineraries to 100,000 travellers a year, Intrepid Travel are a safe but exciting pair of hands in which to entrust your next adventure holiday. They provide escorted tours to just about every corner of the world, including the Polar regions and each schedule has been handcrafted to give maximum entertainment value. Informed and guided by their years of experience, this internationally respected travel company will give you the holiday of a lifetime!

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The most memorable part of your break will undoubtedly be doing the thing you simply never imagined you would do; the local experience that isnt available on most holiday schedules. Whether thats joining in a village football game as the sun goes down in a remote part of Africa, enjoying a home cooked meal served by a family, who are keen to welcome you and showcase the flavours of the region, or bottling your own wine under the hot Spanish sky, youll have a tremendous time.

The Intrepid team take groups of 10 maximum, or 2 to 3 families together to enjoy an itinerary. Theres no chance of you feeling left out of a busy group, or overlooked, as the groups are so small. This makes it easier to make a decision about what youd like to do with your day or night, as well as provides you with likeminded travellers for company.

Sporting holidays

Although theres plenty of time in Intrepids busy schedule to relax, unwind and stroll around a destination at your leisure, youll also have the opportunity to be utterly exhilarated. Walking and trekking holidays are very popular, but for faster travel, why not try cycling, sailing or whitewater rafting holidays.

To book your next exciting holiday adventure, please give the friendly and dedicated Aspen Travel team a call to find out more. Our experienced travel agents will be able to guide you through the booking process and offer you any advice you might need. Contact us today

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