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Exodus Travels

Whether you plan to travel with your family, as a group, couple or solo, Exodus is the go-to name in ecologically-responsible adventure holidays. With Exodus you’ll get the opportunity to try a brand new activity in an incredible setting. Founded in 1974 to provide accessible adventures in otherwise inaccessible terrains, this respected tour company provides highly trained and experienced guides and sports instructors to take you on a journey you’ll never forget in one of 90 countries around the globe.

What sort of holidays does Exodus provide?

Want to take a winter holiday that involves climbing Mont Blanc wearing snow shoes? Perhaps you’d like to cycle around Cuba seeing sights observed by few eyes before you, take a walking tour along the Amalfi Coast or eat your way around India? Exodus is the company you’ll need.

Fitness enthusiasts with a penchant for beautiful views will enjoy cycling, jogging, trekking and cross-country skiing along rugged landscapes, while those looking for a challenging adventure will delight in camping in hostile conditions, exploring the poles and throwing themselves into some of the world’s most colourful festivals. As for holiday-makers with a special interest, why not fuel your fascination with an astronomy, gastronomy, photography or wildlife-based break?

With Exodus travel you can take short adventure breaks, or adventure holidays that last several weeks. The premium adventure tours will allow you to travel with a group of like-minded people to achieve a common goal. The private adventure tours will allow you to travel with your own group to achieve a goal youve conceived.

If youre looking for a break that will be thrilling, a challenge and ultimately very memorable, Exodus can provide this. They will lend their expertise to your expedition to ensure youre safe and get the most out of your adventure. Please give Aspen Travel a call to turn your dreams into reality. We are a trusted booking partner of Exodus and can help you access to their very best deals.

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