Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock

The inspirational Ayers Rock is in the background of hundreds of feel-good posters for a reason! This huge lump of iconic Rock in the middle of the Australian outback is sacred to native Antipodeans. At 550 million years old, this is a rock that has been captivating visitors to the area for a long time and is particularly beautiful at sunrise and sunset.

Located in the heart of the Northern Territory, close to Alice Springs, Ayers Rock, or Uluru, as its commonly known, is 348 metres high. This height doesnt represent its true size however, as like an iceberg, it also stretches deep into the Earth far below sea level. If you could see the rock in its entirety, it would be a similar height to the Eiffel Tower. Its impressive, it offers a great view and seeing it at least once in your life should be on everyones bucket list.

Although its hot and dry in the Uluru National Park, youll still have ample opportunity to spot wildlife. Reptiles, snakes and birds are plentiful, while the mammals youre likely to see here are red kangaroos and rock wallabies.

Explore Australia

As Ayers Rock is located in the Australian wilderness, travel to and from other destinations is usually by aeroplane. One popular all-inclusive escorted tour will allow you to also stay in the urban metropolis that is Sydney, where you can enjoy bustling nightlife, the iconic view over Sydney Harbour from the famous Opera House and some incredible beaches, not to mention spend some time in Queensland, exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

Its also possible to add Melbourne and Cairns into the mix, with the optional extra of overnights in Dubai on your way there and back. A coast to coast tour, will take you to Perth in Western Australia first, before heading over to Adelaide and the more plentiful cities of the east coast. Cruises around Australia are popular too, offering itineraries that will take you to destinations along the coastline, as well as inland.

Ayers Rock expert tour operators

Cox and Kings, Travelsphere and Titan Travel are all respected names in Australian travel and will provide you with classy overnight accommodation with your relaxing luxury package. Their tour managers will ensure you relax and unwind, whilst making the most of the countrys highlights. Intrepid Travel, on the other hand, is a great choice for adrenaline junkies. Fancy swapping your snorkel for your hiking boots half way through your trip? Youll make your way from the Great Barrier Reef on foot to the inland areas.

Collette Worldwide will incorporate a trip to Australia with destinations in the wider South Pacific area and Saga will take over 50s to the Southern Hemisphere to meet similarly minded travellers and enjoy plenty of hosted parties along the way. You wont feel left out if youre travelling alone. Give the Aspen Travel team a call to discover which tour operator and package is most likely to provide you with the holiday you want. Well be happy to help.

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