Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia

Resort: Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia
Operator: Exodus
Destination: Antarctica
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The fascinating history and overwhelming wildlife populations of the
Sub-Antarctic combined with the awesome beauty of Antarctica itself

The journey begins in the Falklands with its large population of Rockhopper
and Magellanic penguins, along with Black-browed albatross. In South Georgia,
the ship threads her way through magical fjords to Salisbury Plain and Gold
Harbour, places so remote that they have evolved into astonishing wildlife
havens boasting a 100,000-plus population of King penguins on their
beaches.The voyage continues to an enchanted world of icebergs and
ice-covered mountains in the bays and channels of the Antarctic Peninsula.
This is home to an extraordinary array of wildlife: penguins of almost all
descriptions, Leopard and smaller seals, and three or four species of whales.
Alternative Trip: Departures also available on the Ocean Endeavour, which
starts/ends in Buenos Aires and includes flights to/from Ushuaia (Trip code:


* Discover the fascinating history of the Falkland Islands

* Explore South Georgia, with its remarkable history and spectacular

* Visit the stunning Antarctic Peninsula

* Incredible wildlife viewing including seabirds, penguins, seals and whales

* Travel on a small expedition vessel

* Accompanied by extremely qualified Expedition Staff

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