Classic Voyage South: Kirkenes – Bergen

Resort:Classic Voyage South: Kirkenes - Bergen
Operator: Hurtigruten
Destination: Norway
Price From: £711.00


On our Classic Voyage South from Kirkenes to Bergen, we show you enchanting Norwegian landscapes. See fjords, mountains, waterfalls and glaciers, combined with visits to historic cities and cosy coastal towns along the way. Experience the spectacular Norwegian coastline under the Northern Lights in winter or the Midnight Sun in summer. This is a cruise you will never forget.


Day 1 Kirkenes – Berlevg

Start your Classic Voyage South in the far northern town of Kirkenes (which, surprisingly, lies further east than Istanbul).
The region has many wintertime activities, including snowshoeing, dog-sledging and snowmobiling. You can also visit an Arctic Ice Dome.
Interested in history? Kirkenes has many small museums detailing the regions rich heritage.
Southbound and down
After departing Kirkenes, we head due north, arriving at Vard in the afternoon. Weather permitting, the brave may want to take a dip in the icy Arctic Ocean (strictly optional of course!).
We now head due west, cruising along the Varanger peninsula to Btsfjord and Berlevg, home to Norways most famous male choir, made up of local fishermen.
Kirkenes: 09.00 12.30
Vard: 15.45 16.45
Btsfjord: 19.45 20.15
Berlevg: 21.45 22.00

Day 2 Mehamn – Troms

North Cape – 71 degrees north
We make a late night stop atMehamn. During winter, you can join anamazing snowmobile triphere, through the vast Arctic wilderness. Experience snowy plains and valleys, crisp winter air and very possibly theNorthern Lightsin the starry sky above.
AtHonningsvg, join an overland excursion that crosses the island of Magery in time for you to enjoybreakfast atop North Cape(May – October). In Hammerfest, you can visit the UNESCO-listed Meridian Column, erected in 1854 to honour the first precise geographic measurement of the globe. During winter, join a mini-mountain expedition to experience the Arctic outdoors and learn about local polar hero and cook, Adolf Henrik Lindstrm.
Troms Paris of the North
We proceed south to ksfjord, stopping briefly at the old trading post of Skjervy. In spring, we sail through the beautifulLyngenfjord, nestled beneath the snowy peaks of the Lyngen Alps.
We dock at Troms, in time to enjoy a magical Northern Lights concert at the Arctic Cathedral in winter, or Midnight Sun concert during summer. You can join a midnight excursion under the Midnight Sun to explore Troms by sea in a small boat. You may want to drop by lhallen to enjoy a beer and a chat with friendly locals.
Mehamn: 00.45 01.00
Kjllefjord: 02.45 03.00
Honningsvg: 05.30 05.45
Havysund: 07.45 08.00
Hammerfest: 10.45 12.45*
ksfjord: 15.30 15.45
Skjervy: 19.15 19.45
Troms: 23.45 01.30* 01.04. – 31.05. departure time from Hammerfest will be 11.45 due to diversion into Lyngen.

Day 3 Troms – Stamsund

History and culture
This morning, we arrive atHarstad, where you can join one of our classic excursions – A Taste of Vesterlen. Discover history, beautiful scenery, and cultural heritage sites on this tour that rejoins the ship at Sortland.
Those who stay on the ship experience our passage through theRisyrenna, a shallow channel made for Hurtigruten in the 1920s.
Lofoten and Trollfjord
Get ready now for some amazing scenery as we sail through the world-famous islands ofLofoten and Vesterlen. Lofoten is known for its natural beauty, steep mountains, wild nature and picturesque fishing villages. Our daylight sailing route through the region is the voyage highlight for many.
After a short stop at the tiny village of Risyhamn, we continue toStokmarknes – whereHurtigruten began more than 125 years ago. You can visit the Hurtigruten Museum here.
Continuing south, it will look like were headed into a mountain wall, but dont worry. We are in fact sailing through a passage into the narrow Raftsund, flanked by peaks rising 1,000 m out of the sea.
We now arrive at amazingTrollfjord. If conditions allow, we will sail between sheer cliffs that seem close enough to reach out and touch. Its an unforgettable experience!
Next we arrive inSvolvr, where you can choose from several excursion options. Go horseback riding along a beach at sunset, head out on spectacular hikes, join a fast-boat tour on the fjord, or relax in town at one of many cafs, pubs and restaurants.
Troms: 23.45 01.30
Finnsnes: 04.15 04.45
Harstad: 07.45 08.30
Risyhamn: 10.45 11.00
Sortland: 12.30 13.00
Stokmarknes: 14.15 15.15
Svolvr: 18.30 20.30
Stamsund: 22.00 22.30

Day 4 Bod – Rrvik

Trolls and mountains
Crossing the Arctic Circle is an important rite of passage. Today we celebrate the occasion on deck with a taste of Arctic tradition a spoonful of cod liver oil.
Sailing along theHelgeland coast, you see the strange mountain,Torghatten(258 m above sea level), famous for the distinctive hole through its centre. The hole is 160 m long, 35 m high and 20 m wide, and was formed during the ice age.Participate on a hike up the mountain.
Another highlight is sailing past theSeven Sisters mountain range. It is easy to see how the peaks influenced ancient legend. The story goes that seven beautiful troll sisters were caught out at sunrise and turned to stone, thus creating the seven beautiful mountaintops.
From ducks to salmon
Next, we briefly stop at the idyllic trading post of Nesna before moving on toSandnessjen. From here, you can join an optional excursion to a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Vega Islands. The UNESCO status is due to the unique centuries-old interaction between the islanders and eider ducks. Learn how the locals sustain a livelihood of making down-filled duvets.
InBrnnysund, join an excursion to the Norwegian Aquaculture Centre for an informative tour and taste of fresh salmon, from April through October.
Even though were south of the Arctic Circle, there are still good chances to see the Northern Lights in winter. The Midnight Sun may not shine, but you still experience seemingly endless daylight during late spring and summer.
Bod: 02.30 03.45
rnes: 06.40 06.50
Nesna: 10.25 10.35
Sandnessjen: 11.45 12.15
Brnnysund: 15.00 17.30
Rrvik: 21.00 21.30

Day 5 Trondheim – lesund

Today you have a chance to explore the wooden city of history:Trondheim. Be sure to visit the majestic Nidaros Cathedral, built over the burial site of King Olav II who reigned from 1015 to 1028.
Spectacular scenery and life of the sea
As we sail along the coast, you will realize the importance of fishing to Norways coastal communities.
Kristiansund is regarded as Norways dried cod capital because of its long-time export of salted dry fish. Here you can join an excursion along the Atlantic Road, a National Scenic Route. The 8 km stretch of highway spans eight bridges, crosses picturesque landscapes and is surrounded by open sea.
Another interesting excursion is to the Bergtatt marble mine, which takes you inside a mountain and across an illuminated subterranean lake before serving you a meal in the mines Grand Hall.
Norwegian alps
Those who remain aboard at Kristiansund will experience the ships open sea crossing towardsMolde – Norways City of Roses. From there, you can see the distant pointed peaks of the Romsdal Alps across the fjord, called the Molde panorama.
Trondheim: 06.30 09.45
Kristiansund: 16.30 17.00
Molde: 21.00 21.30
lesund: 00.30 01.00

Day 6 lesund – Bergen

Night-time stops
During the night, the ship calls at lesund, Torvik and Mly, as our voyage draws to a close. Before docking in Bergen, there is fascinating scenery to see, including picturesque Nordfjord beneath Jostedal Glacier. Here the fjord widens to the east and forges 90 km inland.
Approaching Bergen
In the morning, we dock atFlor, Norways westernmost community.
A few nautical miles south of Flor, we cross the mouth of the mighty Sognefjord, taking in superb views of the magnificent island-studded coastline en route. Finally, you disembark in the Hanseatic city of Bergen with unforgettable memories of a truly unique part of the world. We hope to see you on board again in the very near future!
More adventures in Norway
If you would like to see more of Norway, we highly recommend our Bergen City Sightseeing excursion (only sold on board), or various Post-programmes to experience more Norwegian cuisine, culture and scenery.
lesund: 00.30 01.00
Torvik: 02.15 02.30
Mly: 05.15 05.45
Flor: 07.45 08.15
Bergen: 14.30

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