Club Med Cap Skirring, Senegal

Resort: Senegal
Operator: Club Med
Destination: Africa
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The ultimate all-inclusive African resort

Located on the southern tip of Senegal, Club Med Cap Skirring has the perfect mix of exploration and relaxation in one resort. Surrounding by blossoming bougainvillaeas, this all-inclusive West African resort enjoys a relaxed rural atmosphere, with its traditional thatched roofs and excursions into the countryside. Be spoilt for choice in the day’s activities; test your golf skills on the Cap Skirring Golf Course, take a tour of the countryside on your very own quad bike, or even enjoy a spot of line-fishing in the bolongs. If wanting a more relaxed vibe, soak away your worries in the pool or raise your mainsail off on their very long sandy beach!

Club Med Cap Skirring suite

Rest your head in the shade of the coconut trees

After a fun-filled day worth of activities, relax and recharge your batteries in the shade of thatched roofs and ochre walls of the buildings typical of the Casamance region. With the interior filled with natural materials and local African craftsmanship, you feel like you’re apart of nature whenever you step into your room. Unwind and watch the curious colourful birds and you prefer yourself for the nights festivities ahead.

Club Med Cap Skirring main bar

Luxury Spirits & Beverages Available

If wanting to spend some quality time with family or friends then head down to the Resort’s Main Bar. Enjoy an ice-cold beverage under the thatched roof and poolside location, and sit back and relax on the comfortable bar stools or even step up to the dancefloor!

If wanting a more secluded tropical drinking experience, then visit the Beach Bar. With its relaxed atmosphere underneath the coconut palm trees, enjoy a fruity cocktail on the famous Cap Skirring stretched beach and enjoy a blissful break from the usual hustle and bustle from modern-day life.

If wanting a mid-course break, then head to The Golf Club Bar. Positioned far enough to avoid stray balls, but close enough to enjoy a rest break, you can sit back and relax in the calm atmosphere and enjoy luxury refreshments.

Food at Club Med Cap Skirring

Local & International Cuisines Available

If wanting an intimate dining experience near the famous Cap Skirring beach then look no further than The Diola restaurant. With its beautiful setting and backdrop and freshly caught and prepared crayfish (at an extra cost), this is a real holiday treat and a place to make memories! The restaurant is open on certain evenings so make sure you book at Reception!

Overlooking the sea and the swimming pool, welcome to the resort’s Main Restaurant. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner this buffet-style restaurant is the perfect laidback restaurant to enjoy with friends and family. Enjoy cuisines from around the world and also try out some of the local specialities!

Cap Skirring golf course

Stay active on your travels

One thing that we can guarantee during your stay at Club Med Cap Skirring, is that you definitely won’t be bored. With the wide range of land sports/activities available, welcome to the largest sports academy in the world! Test your skills and find your zen at the Fitness school, or test your swing out on the famous Cap Skirring Golf Course. Come enjoy a few rallies in a tropical garden as you might be topping your skills or to polish your skills, or even aim for top marks in the Archery School!

If wanting to expand your activities on the crystal blue waters, then head down to your very own Sailing School. Set sail on your very own catamaran with your very own experienced sailor or head out by yourself!



Country: Senegal | Currency: CFA Franc | Live Exchange Rate: Click Here

Make the most of your stay at Club Med Cap Skirring by visiting the local towns and natural landscapes. Go down and visit Kabrousse which is a small coastal village with typical Diola architecture. Also visit the local towns of Djembering, Oussoye and Ziguinchor and get the full feel of the local African cultures.

Booking your stay at Club Med Cap Skirring

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