Think ancient eastern cities, think glorious beaches, think elephants, think Sri Lanka! This is a country filled with wonders in the form of Roman archaeological ruins, Dutch colonial fortifications and sacred religious objects of massive cultural significance. Wendy Wu offers a few different escorted tour packages to this hot, exotic land and we here at Aspen Travel are a trusted booking partner of this well loved company. Shall we take a look at what makes Wendy Wus Sri Lanka so special?

Ancient Sri Lankan cities

Lets start with the countrys capital; Columbo. This huge picturesque city is known as the Garden city of the East. It scenically combines the old and the new. The modern architecture in the fort district, which is the financial quarter, stands in stark, but appealing contrast to the ancient temples, mosques and museums. There are plenty of shopping opportunities here, not least at the Pettah market, which is a worthy rival of Pratunam market in Bangkok. Look out for the Khan clocktower in the centre as that marks the entrance to the market. Inside you can buy just about everything, some spices to souvenirs to electronics, often at very low prices if youre prepared to haggle. You also have plenty of time to try the very best of Sri Lankan cuisine at your leisure. We recommend the kotta roti; meat and vegetables served from the street stalls. Other cities included on the Wendy Wu itinerary are Anuradhapura which is a celebration of tradition, with grand brick towers, temples in need of restoration and ancient pools. But even more impressive than that, is the city of Kandy, which was once home to the king and contains within it one of the most sacred religious relics in the world; a tooth of the Buddha.

Gardens and national parks

There are some very important green spaces in Sri Lanka where you can observe the flora and fauna native to the country. For perfectly manicured gardens, the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens in Kandy are well worth a look and for a big family orientated park with a playground and miniature railway you might like to visit Victoria park. One really special place is the lion rock fortress located at the ancient city of Sigiriya, where you can you ascend and descend the many staircases and galleries that protrude from a giant lions head situated on the edge of the Sri Lankan jungle! Our favourite days out on the itinerary, however, include a visit to the Nuwara Eliya, a colourful town on the tea plantation trail, which prides itself on its colonial, English cottage atmosphere and the Yala National Park, which is a well-known Safari destination. Here you can see elephants, leopards, buffaloes and a huge variety of birds.

Temples and ruins

Polonnaruwa is an important archaeological site with its many statues and frescoes. Its also conveniently close to the national parks. There are plenty of rock temples that you see as part of your tour, each one unique and a few of them have rock carvings dating back to the first and third centuries BC, particularly those at Dumballa and Isrumuniya. However, the countrys favourite temple has to be the temple of the sacred tooth relic in Kandy. This is where you can see the tooth said to be that of the original Buddha, set into a gold casket. For a taste of the tropical, incredible wildlife and luxurious overnight stays, choose Wendy Wus Sri Lanka package. Our team here at Aspen travel can book it for you and answer anyquestions you might have about whats included, as well as get you the best possible deal. Please get in touch.